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I will predict a Bengals DEEP Playoff run if…

6 Apr

A) The Bengals re-sign most of their free agents from the 2012 season. If not, they replace them adequately.

B) The Bengals have another successful rookie draft in 2013. This includes getting a talented RB, an athletic LB, a safety and build depth at DE, LB and OL.

C) The Bengals come out of training camp relatively healthy, sharp and focused.

D) Andy Dalton comes into/out of camp better than 2012. I am looking for better pocket presence, pocket maneuvering, deep accuracy, vision and anticipation. He’s the key to predicting Bengals success.

This all may be asking for a lot to happen, but A is ready to be checked off and B isn’t unrealistic. In the end, it comes down to building around Dalton, staying healthy and getting the Quarterback to play better.