Marvin Jones: Same Play. Different Coverage. Similar Result.

23 Sep

When the Bengals were trying to mount a comeback, both of their starting cornerbacks made big interceptions and gave Andy Dalton and the offense a chance to get this game closer. After Newman’s INT, Dalton hit Green easily for a TD. After Leon Hall’s INT, the Bengals QB looked towards their third WR on third and 8 and when inside the red zone.


* 3rd and 8. Cincinnati has 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 RB (11-Personnel)
* Sanu and Marvin Jones are stacked to Dalton’s left. This is a typical man-coverage-beating-alignment.
* Green Bay drops both Corners because of the stacked look.


* Jones is running a Post-Corner route.
* He first runs his route DIRECTLY at the Safety/CB Tramon Williams. This forces the Packers’ DB to make a decision.


* Once Williams opens his hips, Jones breaks towards the sideline/corner. He’s got him.
* Sanu hooks up underneath between the CB and LB.


* Both of the Packers underneath defenders jump on Sanu as Dalton starts to throw.


* The open area between the DBs allows for an easy throw. Big play for Dalton and Jones.



* Here we go again just outside the 10-yard line. Same formation and alignment.
* This time, Green Bay walks Tramon Williams up to the LOS to jam Marvin Jones.


* Jones gets a clean inside release and Williams grabs Jones’ left arm to try and slow him down.


* Jones extends his arm into Williams’ chest then releases it as the Packers DB leans in.


* That move forces Williams’ momentum to carry him further inside than he’d like and by that time, Jones is running for the corner and the ball is thrown.


* Again, we have a wide open Jones, who makes a nice catch.
* The same play by the Bengals offense, but Marvin Jones had to know how to beat two different types of coverages. He passed the test.


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