The Bengals Are Cool, Run Read-Option on MNF

18 Sep

The coolest new toy on the NFL block is the read-option. I mean, try it. Everyone is totally doing it. All the good teams run the read-option. You can’t get addicted to it on the first read. Trust me.

On Monday night, Cincinnati actually ran a couple read-option plays. I’m not sure if Dalton planned on running if the situation presented itself, but the threat evens the playing field from a numbers standpoint. Here’s the first play:



* First & 10 early in the first quarter.
* Green-Ellis is a yard behind and to Dalton’s left.


* Dalton puts the ball into BJGE’s belly and reads the edge rusher (yellow); the blitzing Nickel CB.
* If the CB looks to crash down (blue) and attack the RB, Dalton will pull it back and keep it himself.
* If the CB looks like he’s going after the ball, Dalton will allow BJGE to keep the ball and run.


* Dalton gives the ball to BJGE and he takes it up field and cuts between the LT & LG.
* Dalton runs left as if he still has the ball to keep the CB’s attention a little longer.


* Green-Ellis cuts it up field and gains yardage without needing to make a defender miss. That’s the numbers advantage of the read-option. Instead of the RB having (in theory) 9 blockers against 11 defenders, the read-option forces the defense to account for the QB and makes it now 9 blockers vs 10 defenders (The 11th defender is chasing the QB).


* BJGE finishes the run with authority.

And that’s how you can be cool in the NFL.

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