Split Screen: Green-Ellis and Gio Bernard

9 Sep

With veteran back BenJarvus Green-Ellis getting 64% of the snaps and rookie Giovani Bernard seeing the other 36% in Chicago, many fans were left asking “WHY?!”.

Cincinnati is a heavy Zone running team. They’re not at the level of Washington or Houston in execution, but the Bengals need to find their identity in the backfield before they can flourish close to the levels of those teams.

Here, we’re going to look at two very similar running plays from Sundays game. One featuring “The Law Firm” and the other showing the potential of a rookie.



* We have a 1st and 10 from Chicago’s 32-yard line.
* Cincinnati lines up in their (now usual) 12-personnel with a WR on each side and both TE on the right.


* The run is designed to go left with Boling and Zeitler taking on LBs on the second level.
* Kyle Cook gets walked into the backfield by Stephen Paea and Anthony Collins tries pushing Peppers aside with one arm (why?).
* As BJGE gets the ball, he’ll either need to cut it back or bounce it outside because the pressure is in his face already.


* Green-Ellis takes a few stutter-steps and then plows into Paea and Peppers.


* Sure, it takes four Bears to stop him and the Green-Ellis never actually got tackled, but this play shows his inability to create yardage when things go wrong. He’s completely dependant on the offensive line’s success on every run.

Gio Bernard


* Second down and two to go from Cincinnati’s 28-yard line.
* Bengals substitute Tyler Eifert at TE with Orson Charles at H-back.


* Similar play to the one above. Run is designed to go left.
* Kyle Cook is again getting walked backwards.
* Gio Bernard is now faced with the same snap-decision as BJGE.


* Gio plants his left foot and cuts hard back towards the inside and Cook rides his block towards the outside.


* Gio now has the choice between following Orson Charles up the middle or bouncing it outside where there’s more room to run.
* As Charles starts losing his block (and eventually flagged), Gio again plants his foot and bounces it outside.


* Bernard finds help in the form of Andre Smith and A.J. Green protecting the ally. He goes full speed and tries to split the safeties.


* Gio doesn’t accomplish the final feat in a great run, but he finishes by lowering his shoulder in bowling over both defenders for an extra yard or two.

* The vision and agility are evident in Bernard’s game. I felt like he was the best running back prospect I’ve seen BEFORE the line of scrimmage and this is another example. He doesn’t need all five lineman to win on every play because he can create yardage on his own.

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