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Arthur Brown – OLB – Kansas State (Ongoing Observations)

25 Oct

2011 vs Baylor: He spied RG3 and Brown matched him athletically. Missed a few tackles early but settled in and blew up a few plays by knifing through the gaps using his speed. He looks like the NFL prototype WLB. Intercepted RG3 and forced a fumble on an option. Very active.

2012 vs Miami: Very good athlete; stands out instantly. Looks lean; could add bulk. Good hips in coverage; fluid and quick in backpedaling. Really stays on inside hip of ball carrier, when they cut back, he’s on them. Brown fights blockers surprisingly well for his slight frame; hands are quick, arms extended and he stays clean. Good, form tackler. I was very impressed with this game.


Khaseem Greene – OLB – Rutgers (Ongoing Observations)

25 Oct

2011 Pinstripe Bowl vs Iowa State: Very good blitzer; times it very well and get real low before the snap like he’s hiding from the RB. Almost intercepted a couple passes in coverage. Seems a split-second late in reacting at times. Above average speed & athleticism. He broke his ankle in this game.

2012 vs Syracuse: Play-maker with a nose for the ball. Green is always ripping at the ball; forced 3 fumbles this game and had an interception. Contributes on Special Teams. Stands out athletically. Syracuse was always throwing in his area in coverage. Low awareness at times; loses ball-carrier. He can go from standing and reading the play to diving and tackling in a flash. Not always going 100%; sometimes out of the flow of the game. Stiff & upright when he backpedals, makes him slower than should be.

Manti Te’o – LB – Notre Dame (Ongoing Observations)

24 Oct

vs Stanford: Very aggressive, stiff side-to-side, at best moving forward, OK awareness in coverage but will be sucked up with play-action, Missed tackles when he’s shooting gaps, emotional player, moved his own teammate to make tackle himself on crucial 3rd down, leaves his feet, poor vision/awareness in traffic/bodies around feet, very tough/physical, Down-hill player

vs Miami: Lineman cut-blocking him; not using eyes & hands, better in pass coverage when receiver is in front of him, made a nice pass deflection over his head, ball-carriers suck him into the hole then bounce outside & he’s taking the bait, doesn’t always wrap-up

vs Michigan State: His best game so far, decisive play in pass game on anything in his line of vision, wrapped-up most tackle attempts today, he’s instinctive; usually moving before other LBs and shooting gaps. Good ball-skills & reaction on last play. Two plays stood out: 1) The pass to his right, he closes in on the WR who cuts quickly and moves up field. Te’o left his feet and lost all control there. 2) Run play, Te’o shoots gap and tackles Bell by ankles. He trusts his average athleticism maybe too much. He does this a lot; he takes the backside gap and tries to tackle from behind instead of scrapping across and making tackle. Faster NFL backs will make him look foolish.

vs Michigan: First interception thrown right at him, 2nd was tipped and he made a great catch. Te’o can win when engaged in hand-fights with blockers but too often he’d rather thump-and-bounce-off or dip under and use his strength/balance to defeat blockers. He doesn’t even look at them; seems to never take his eyes off ball. Spied D.Robinson and kept contain on pass plays. Poor vision and awareness against option plays. Solid day in coverage; not a liability, but can be exploited. Not much of a pass rusher.

Overall: He’s a thumper but doesn’t look athletic enough to be a premier player. I’d like him in a 3-4 ILB role where he’s the Bart Scott “Thumper” role. He’s a little stiff and can get reckless but you have to love his instincts and physical play style.


Late 1st – Early 2nd round